You must make sure that you are stylish by wearing the correct type of clothes which will accentuate your body. Most often the way we dress will determine as to how we will look like. You must keep in mind that various textures will add to the appeal of your outfit too.  You will have to mix and match to make sure that you do stand out from a crowd. Here are some habits that a fashion conscious gent follows:

Most men consider leather to be expensive and waste of money. If you are someone who is conscious of the way you do look then you will make it a point to purchase the correct type of leather. You must make sure that the leather will fit to your body and make you look good. It can be a leather jacket or even a leather belt. They must be made perfectly too. The next time you visit a store make sure that you do check on the quality of the items first. You can even add different shades of leather to your outfit if you want to look different. Do think about how slim the pants will make you feel.


A stylish person will invest in a well-constructed tee. T-shirts which are not made well will rip apart after a few washes. Afterwards you will be left with a garment which will tear open from all sides. You will then be forced to look for alternatives. Some people spend 1000s of dollars on designer wear t-shirts. You do not have to spend money on designer wear ones.


The no belt look will make any man look effortlessly chic and classy. If you are conservative then you might strive to purchase a good quality one which will last many years to come. If you are concerned about where you can purchase one you can even visit a leather store for more information. Make sure that the belt you do purchase is made of good quality material.


You must focus on growing facial hair if you want to look great. Facial hair can also add character to your look. It will make you look more masculine than you are. It will also emphasize your features and bring more light to your eyes. If you are a man with pepper colored hair strands then it will add more appeal to your jaw line too. Do trim your facial hair from a reputable salon if you want to sport the well-groomed look. Do remember that what you wear will make you stand out. You might be going for a meeting or even a date but it is important that you do dress well. First impressions can make or break your sex appeal too.